The International Congress Centre (ICM) is located about 20 minutes from the Munich Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) by underground U2, exit “Messestadt West”. Whether you are looking for a hotel, a guest house, a private accommodation, or a boarding house you should be able to find your accommodation downtown or in the surrounding area of Munich.

Messe Munich has arranged for an on-line hotel reservation which can be used for the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2023 participants. Please view accommodation here

The hotel guide of the Munich Trade Fairs offers you a large variety of accommodation possibilities for a pleasant stay. Whether near the ICM or centrally located and in the middle of the nightlife of Munich’s trendy neighbourhoods or close to the mountains with a high recreation value – here you will find a comprehensive offer of accommodation in and around Munich as well as in the alpine upland – meeting your personal criteria. Hotels can be directly searched and booked via the hotel directory.

A larger variety of rooms can be found using the link of the Tourism office

Hotels, pensions, apartments or youth hostels in Munich can also be found at:

Considering the large number of attendants to the exhibition, running in conjunction with the conference, we recommend to make your hotel reservation as soon as possible.

Transportation in Munich
Munich offers very good transportation means (hire cars, trams, metro and buses). Participants of the World of Photonics congress who use local public transportation to get to Neue Messe Munich must buy a travel ticket, at their own expense.

Tickets can be purchased from all bus drivers, tram drivers, automatic ticket-dispensing machines at stations (S and U-Bahn stops) and from kiosks displaying the MVV logo. The machines understand several languages. Just select your flag. Some ticket machines accept 10 € and 20 € banknotes and most will give change. Please have some small coins ready! You can select your respective language on the ticket machines. Online tickets and mobile tickets can now also be purchased.

Buy your ticket depending on the zones you will cross and the time length you will need to travel:

Stripe ticket (Streifenkarte): Stamp two stripes per zone. You are allowed to change and interrupt your journey. Return and round trips are not permitted.

Single trip ticket: Valid for one person for one trip. You are allowed to change and interrupt your journey. Return and round trips are not permitted. The fare depends on the number of zones passed through.

Single day ticket (Tageskarte): The most popular day tickets are also available as excellent value-for-money 3-day tickets. If you want to stay for 2 days, 4 days or even longer, simply combine the 1-day ticket and 3-day tickets.

Partner day ticket: Available for as many trips as you like for up to five adults together.

Fares for single day tickets

  1. Inner district (Innenraum), white zone, € 6,70
  2. Munich XXL (München XXL), white and green zones, € 8,90
  3. Outer district (Außenraum), green, yellow, red zones, € 6,70
  4. Entire network (Gesamtnetz), all zones, € 13,00

Fare for 3-day inner district, white zone, € 16,80

For your trip Munich city / Munich airport you will need a stripe ticket (8 stamps) or an entire network ticket. Inner district includes the city centre (Marienplatz, Hauptbahnhof, …) and Neue Messe Munich.

Once you have purchased your ticket, be sure to validate it by stamping it in the blue boxes you will see. This should be done prior to entering the station or immediately after boarding a bus or tram. To validate a stripe ticket (Streifenkarte) you must fold back the sections not required and insert the ticket into the validating machine (see below for number of required sections). Once you have validated your ticket, you can travel with any form of transport as long as you continue to travel in the same direction.

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Subway map at