Invitation Letters

Foreign visitors entering in Germany must be in possession of a valid ID or passport. EU nationals, in general, do not require a visa. Delegates from countries requiring visas should apply to the German consular offices or diplomatic missions in their home countries. Those who need a visa must satisfy the visa requirements of their local German Embassy/Consulate including:

an invitation letter.
– a confirmed travel booking, including flight, train and/or bus bookings, hotel reservation and health insurance
– a confirmed order for their online registration as well as any special local requirements.

Therefore, all participants requiring a visa should first register to CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2023. Contributors requesting a letter of invitation should pre-fill the Invitation letter and return it to the European Physical Society  to be duly signed and returned to the recipients. Important: The invitation letter will only be sent to contributors who have submitted a contribution.

Only email invitations will be sent. Upon a special request, an express air mail at extra cost can be done. This service will be invoiced 90,-€ to be paid in advance.