Sponsoring opportunities

CLEO®/Europe-EQEC 2025 conferences will take place under the umbrella of the World of Photonics Congress bundling various topical conferences under one roof. 

Possibly, you may sponsor the World of Photonics Congress or the conferences themselves:

For those wishing to be a sponsor at the World of Photonics Congress 2025, please go to www.photonics-congress.com/congress/for-sponsors/packages-prices/

In case you would like to support the CLEO®/Europe-EQEC conferences, here are our offerings, for 2000 expected attendees:

  • Insertion of flyers in the conference bags: 1300€.
  • Inner back cover (in our conference programme) – colour – A4 size landscape: 1500€.
  • Insertion page (in our conference programme)- black and white – A4 size landscape: 1400€.

Deadline to receive the advertisement April 1, 2025

For more information, please contact conferences@eps.org